CandActCFTR Seed Compounds

The following 3114 structures with currently 268914 synonyms are a list compounds which have been reported in 111 CFTR related publications published in the past decade. We collected all structures regardless of an activation of CFTR function or an improvement of CFTR processing, thus also including reported negative compound references or even inhibitors.

We filled these pages with more information like linked source paper, PubChem Record, assay type etc - and keep on adding more annotions - if you want to know about updates, you can join us here.

If you want to let us know something regarding this list: e.g. errors, suggestions adding missing data; you can reach us

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other useful resources

While we compile and currate our data sets, we come about other resources that focus on similiar aspects of CF. In the long run we aim to incorporate these resources into our views as well. Because these resources seem to be interesting for the CF research community directly as well we provide here links to these other sources, but inform you herewith that we have no association with the below mentioned resources. So also take a look at the