CandActCFTR Seed Compounds ChemSpace

The interactive scatter plots are provided using the eCharts java script library.
Data points shows additional information and are clickable:
Upon mouse-over of a specific data point additional information is shown in a pop-up panel stating the assigned class and class for coloring, CFTR relevance, interaction, thumbnail image of compound.
Using links: clicking on the dot opens a new tab following a link to the specific compound page for further reference.
Zoom: The plot provides a zoom-function using the tools on the top right (first is a rectangular zoom, second resets the previous zoom).
Legend - batch inspecting assigned classes:
The legend is interactive and one can select entries by selecting the class in this list. After deselecting some classes hovering over the respective entry in the legend this will also cause the currently pointed to class to highlight in the plot, by temporally increase the bubble size.