CandActCFTR team

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Dr. Manuel Nietert is IT leader within the project and in charge of the database for CandActCFTR. He is a research scientist at the Institute of Medical Bioinformatics, Universitätsmedizin Goettingen. He is highly experienced in the development of customized databases for medical and biochemical use. He is responsible for the development of the CandActCFTR database, the maintenance and adaptation on demands during the project.

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Dr. Sylvia Hafkemeyer acts as contact person to disseminate information on the project. She works as scientific manager at the Mukoviszidose Institute gGmbH. She has contacts to many CF research groups within Europe and collaborates with European CF patient organizations involved in research funding to facilitate CF research.

Hannover Medical School
PD Dr. Frauke Stanke is leader of the CandActCFTR project. She is a research scientist at the Clinic for Paediatric Pneumology and Neonatology, Hannover Medical School, Germany. She is highly experienced in CFTR relevant proteomics and genetic factors influencing CFTR expression (e. g. modifier association studies).

Scientific Advisory Board

The CandActCFTR project is supported by a
scientific advisory board (SAB), consisting of well known CF researchers: