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biological descriptors:

CFTR relevance: CFTR modulators

Influence on CFTR function enhances CFTR function
Order of interaction binds to CFTR
subcellular compartment Apical membrane & subapical compartment

reference list:

ReferenceID: 57
"CE Bear" "LJ Huan" "M Ramjeesingh" "P Kim Chiaw" "L Wellhauser"
ReferenceID: 2
"BT Conger" "SM Rowe" "D Skinner" "EJ Sorscher" "BA Woodworth" "S Zhang" "SB Hicks"
ReferenceID: 80
"F Van Goor" "R Tung" "E Olson" "A Hazlewood" "D Cao" "S Hadida" "LR Makings" "P Negulescu" "V Panchenko" "J Joubran" "T Knapp" "M Miller" "J González" "PD Grootenhuis" "JH Stack" "T Neuberger" "KS Straley" "A Singh" "J Rader"

chemical graph of compound 19

CID is 6742696
synonyms found at PubChem are:
VRT-532, VRT532, VRT 532, 4-Methyl-2-(5-phenyl-1H-pyrazol-3-yl)phenol, Cambridge id 5478102, AC1OA052, GTPL4341, CTK8I5138, ZINC4576484, 4-methyl-6-(5-phenyl-1,2-dihydropyrazol-3-ylidene)cyclohexa-2,4-dien-1-one