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biological descriptors:

CFTR relevance: little or no effect

Influence on CFTR function likely enhances CFTR function
Order of interaction unknown
subcellular compartment unknown

reference list:

ReferenceID: 34
"AD Floyd" "PL Zeitlin" "E Kwon" "M Lim" "K McKenzie"
ReferenceID: 24
"C Andersson" "Z Servetnyk" "GM Roomans"
ReferenceID: 80
"R Tung" "J Rader" "S Hadida" "LR Makings" "M Miller" "KS Straley" "F Van Goor" "JH Stack" "V Panchenko" "A Hazlewood" "PD Grootenhuis" "P Negulescu" "J Joubran" "A Singh" "E Olson" "T Neuberger" "J González" "T Knapp" "D Cao"
ReferenceID: 74
"AS Verkman" "D Salinas" "L Qian" "ND Sonawane" "N Pedemonte" "LJ Galietta" "Y Song"

chemical graph of compound 10

CID is 22053264
synonyms found at PubChem are:
4-phenylbutanoate, 4-Phenylbutyric acid anion, BDBM36184, CHEBI:75317, OBKXEAXTFZPCHS-UHFFFAOYSA-M, AKOS024437455, CJ-00370, ZB001717, J3.540.463E, AB01275463-01, AB01275463_02, A812651